I ask questions through a research-driven, multidisciplinary approach. Like: Could deja vu be an intuitive sense of multi-dimensional folds in spacetime? If so, could that sense be cultivated?

I try to make work that doesn’t have a timestamp, that both interprets and offers alternatives to the present moment, and adds to itself constantly. I am interested in linguistic and infrastructural time, deep history layered within landscapes, ideology as expressed through architectures, and methodologies of intuition, among other things. The work sometimes results in an answer but if successful creates a more eloquent question.

Though my practice orbits around a studio environment, my methodology is flexible. As projects evolve, mediums meld and change to suit the topic or theme. It is important for me to reveal my own role (as a creator, consumer and embodied creature) in what I make. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, studied at Wesleyan University, and currently live and work.