I ask questions of the world through a research-driven, multidisciplinary approach. Like: how can we describe our world of constant now-ness? How about a constant nervous twitching towards a future that becomes more dubious with each passing moment, and one whose projected reality shifts around each big new moment - the archive of all tenses at once.

I want to make work outside that line. Work that doesn’t have a timestamp, that strains against and interprets the present moment, and adds to itself constantly. I am interested in processing underlying structures of existence: deep time, cultural interactions with landscapes, architecture as ideological expression, and the basis of neurological perception. The work sometimes results in an answer but if successful creates a more eloquent question.

Though my practice orbits around a studio environment, my methodology is deeply informed by philosophy and architecture. As projects evolve, mediums meld and change to suit the topic or theme. It is important for me to remain aware of my own role (as a creator, consumer and embodied creature), and attempt to reveal that in what I make.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, studied at Wesleyan University, and currently live and work.